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“Wisdom is when the head and heart gather as one understanding the experience” Joseph White Owl


All our workshops are available for one on one or group sessions.

Soulful Journey Workshop

3 days for groups of 2 to 5 participants - Includes food and material.

4 days for groups of 6 to 10 participants - Includes food and material.

Dive deep into this 3-day intensive workshop. Immerse your Soul in an integrative, step by step experience that will help you identify, re-frame and release lifetimes of trauma, emotional blocks & density.

Show up for yourself, with an open heart, to receive deeper healing and profound transformation. With each experience you become more available to the gifts of joy, peace and empowerment.

You’ll be soulfully guided you into your own inner wisdom. Working with the premise that each of us has the answers to the questions we seek. While holding a natural, sacred space that is powerful and safe, you are at ease to express & release your deepest thoughts and challenges.

This workshop is designed for the soul who is ready to peel back layers and experience the Soulful Journey of a lifetime. Are you ready to follow your heart, let go & rise in Love?





-The seed of the issue/trauma

-The body’s holding patterns that restrict your energetic potential

-What is coming up for you to heal, where you are struggling, and your aspirations



-The pathways to your self-realization

-With the Support to help you navigate and integrate the energies experienced.



-Stored trauma in your body

-Old patterns that no longer serve you.


-A developed sense of deeper inner calm and relaxation

-Enhanced vitality and self-expression

-An Awakening to your life energy

-A Re-connection with your true self

-Experience the Awakened Soul

*Complementary sound healing is offered at the end the completion of the workshop


ReAwakening of the Heart Workshop

2.5 days for groups of 2 to 5 participants – Includes food and material.

3.5 days for group of 6 to 10 participants ­– Includes food and material.


Reawakening of the heart is a 2 and half day immersive workshop is all about reawakening the heart center and to really get in touch with repressed emotions.

So often on one’s journey we encounter loss of many kinds. This workshop will assist you in releasing the repressed emotions and help you to reframe the experiences allowing you to release the emotions and the physicality, person, or event, while holding on to the loving, through water purification and blessings at Bali’s secret holy water temples, neuro-emotional release, letter writing, fire ceremony, sound healing session…

This workshop allows to the participant to slow down and to get in touch with their feeling nature and heart in a safe and sacred space.


*Complementary sound healing is offered at the end the completion of the workshop

Return of Innocence Workshop

2.5 days for group of 2 to 5 participants – Includes food and material.

3.5 days for group of 6 to 10 participants – Includes food and material.


This two- and half-day workshop allows each participant, in a sacred space, the opportunity the explore deep within themselves, those aspect of themselves they brought in into the world of divine nature and those learned.

Thus, giving them the opportunity to reconnect with their inner child, to regain sense of playfulness, creativity, to open up emotionally and let those walls and barriers that we’ve created to protect ourselves and that kept us from knowing joy and connecting to others on more deeper levels.


*Complementary sound healing is offered at the end the completion of the workshop



Drum Making Workshop

5 hours – Includes food and material.


This workshop opens with the sacred 4 directions ceremony and includes all materials, the drum, a drum carrying bag and drum stick (called a beater), local sourced drum skins, there is also a closing ceremony initiating the participant.


The drumming circle is a sacred ceremony and the drum is a Powerful musical instrument and healing tool. We know it in most indigenous cultures as The Voice and the Heartbeat. The drum's skin creates a sound unique just like the uniqueness of each of us as being human. The skin is made from sheep and cow hide so it is thick and strong.


This is a time to come together & open your hearts to create one’s sacred drum. It is also about engaging your healing power and connecting to a higher source.


Gong Training Workshop

1 or 2 participants for 3 hours.

*Certification provided upon request.


Here’s a wonderful opportunity for the beginner or as a refresher for those with experience to add new techniques. The beginner will learn about the styles, types of gongs, wind gongs and other sound healing instruments while learning about sequencing and movements.

Kevin’s years of experience brings knowledge in guiding the participant into their own intuitive and feeling nature, deepening the experience whether they are playing for oneself or for group sessions.

If 3 hours is chosen the participant will have a longer playing time building confidence.

Guidance and Gongs Workshop

1 to 2 participants for 1.5 hours.


Is a technique where therapy and sound healing, primarily using gongs, are paired to release physical and emotional disturbances to bring clarity and sense of purpose. Based on the participants needs they may even play the instruments to deepen their experience and release.

Based on the session and the individual’s needs effective modalities and methods are shared to help them integrate and re-frame ineffective patterns of behaviors and belief systems that were learned.

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Feathers and Sage
Medicine Wheel
Elk Drum
Buffalo Drum
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