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Spiritual Psychology

What does a Spiritual Psychologist do?

A spiritual counselor typically aims to help guide and advise individuals on many types of matters, whether they are spiritual in nature or not. Most spiritual counselors will counsel individuals regarding traditional mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety, as well as more spiritually based problems. Of course, the type of work a spiritual counselor performs will typically be determined by each individual client.

Within this context there are four main bodies that are dealt with and they are the, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. With an emphasis on the emotional and spiritual. When either or both appear to be out of balance or alignment with current views this can create an unwanted imbalance.

Some clients may need help exploring or even discovering their spiritual or religious beliefs. They may feel conflicted or confused and start to doubt their own beliefs that were ingrained in them for years, for example, or they may simply need guidance in order to figure out what their beliefs are.

Aspects used during spiritual counseling will also usually vary, depending on what type of counselor that a client works with. Denominational spiritual counselors may incorporate prayer and other religious aspects into counseling sessions, for example. They often believe strongly in the power of prayer, as do their clients. Prayer helps them feel stronger and gives them the feeling that a higher power is at work helping them get through tough times.

Non-denominational spiritual counselors, on the other hand, won’t usually incorporate specific aspects of one religion into their counseling sessions. They may, however, incorporate several different aspects of several different religions into counseling sessions.

In general, one of the main goals of spiritual counselors is to help people reach a state of awareness, or self-realization. They act as cheerleaders, motivators, and mirrors, which can help people finally realize that they are unique and amazing beings in and of themselves. After working with spiritual counselors, many individuals will finally realize their own strengths and abilities, and focus on becoming better people. However, spiritual counseling also helps people realize just how interconnected they are with the rest of the world.


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